Thursday, August 27, 2009

SEASON 6 coming soon... (well...soon enough)...

Season 6 production has begun!


mb said...

Thanks to Ryan (The Transmission) and the ODI - report says that Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn were on the set outside Jacob's lair (under the statue) - does not say whether ACTION was being shot outside the lair

scrdmnkydst said...

Wow. Loads of spoilers in here MB! hahaha.

Don't know if you know but the first 9 episode titles have been revealed and they seem to be weekly, so I'm guessing that the midseason hiatus follows after that.

S06E01 "LA X (1)"
S06E02 "LA X (2)"
S06E03 "What Kate Does"
S06E04 "The Substitute"
S06E05 "Lighthouse"
S06E06 "Sundown"
S06E07 "Dr. Linus"
S06E08 "Recon"
S06E09 "Ab Aeterno"

I've also done a bit of research (ie. i looked on Wiktionary :P) on what Ab Aeterno means and it seems to be latin for "Since the beginning of time" or "Since a very long time ago"...

Intriguing, no?

Stephanie said...

My research found that ab aeterno means without cause in Latin.

scrdmnkydst said...

Huh, that's bizarre because I've just looked on three different sites, baebelfish & webster's & wikipedia and they all say "since the beginning of time"...

Wikipedia says "Literally, "from the everlasting" or "from eternity". Thus, "from time immemorial", "since the beginning of time" or "from an infinitely remote time in the past". In theology, often indicates something, such as the universe, that was created outside of time."

Oh well, the episode probably says...

mb said...

THANK YOU RYAN! Seriously - no worries on razzing me cause I deserve it - lol.

RE: "Ab Aeterno" - It seems like both meanings make sense with each other since something that predates everything else (i.e. something eternal, from "time immemorial") is something that has no origin and no cause (as in cause and effect) b/c NOTHING comes before it.

scrdmnkydst said...


These are from io9

Three tidbits.

"Sources who have watched and/or read the first 11 episodes of the final season gave their predictions about who would end up with whom in the show's central triangle. Half seemed to think the on-island version of Kate would end up with Jack, and half with nobody at all. Meanwhile, the majority believed the alt-universe version of Kate would end up with nobody, but a minority say alt-Kate could wind up with Sawyer. Do remember, though, that these are nameless sources on the Internet.[SpoilersLost]


"Ian Sommerhalder filmed a bunch of scenes in Hawaii, and is going back for a second batch. He guesses his appearances will be "spread out" across the season. [Fancast]

Looks like he'll probably have a horrible wig on...


"More details of the rumored meeting between Sawyer and Flocke. Nameless sources say Flocke comes to visit Sawyer in Otherton, and convinces him to go on a trip. Flocke takes Sawyer to a place with lots of names, with lines through them. Locke's name is crossed out. All of the names have numbers attached: Locke was 4, Sawyer is 15, and Kate is on there as Austen. (Number unknown.) Meanwhile, Jack and Hurley find a mysterious mirror at the Lighthouse, and when aligned correctly, it grants a flash of Jack's past. Again, see above for warning about believing anonymous sources on the Internet." [SpoilersLost]

I've not actually read these... well, apart from the Boone thing.... i've tried my best not to look, it was torture........, but I thought that i would help my favourite Portland / Mac combo out a bit.

Morgan said...

Episode 10 is still untitled, but 11 is titled "Happily Ever After."

I usually don't do spoilers with the exception of titles and which character-centric they are. But I have come across a few interesting things:

I've heard that Michael and Libby will be making appearances this season after all, but it's hush-hush!!! The only 2 characters they wanted that refused to come back are Eko and Rousseau. They are still pursuing Shannon who's busy with films. And lastly, they're trying to figure out how to fit Walt into the show the right way since he's 25.

mb said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks Ryan and Morgan for the spoilers!

I think it's time to start scripting the Seas. 6 Spoiler preview :)

mb said...

Well I guess ABC just gave in and decided to post the first 4 mins themselves. Or maybe this is all just marketing.

The First 4 minutes of LA X

going to record a spoiler seg tonight....or tomorrow

mb said...

OK - maybe now that the season's started I should actually post some spoilers here :)

Let's start with a rundown of episode titles and their current expected airdates:

6.01/6.02 LA/X Feb. 2
6.03 What Kate Does (Kate) Feb. 9
6.04 The Substitute (Locke) Feb. 16
6.05 Lighthouse (Jack) Feb. 23
6.06 Sundown (Sayid) Mar. 2
6.07 Dr. Linus (Ben) Mar. 9
6.08 Recon (Sawyer) Mar. 16
6.09 Ab Aeterno (Richard) Mar. 23
6.10 The Package (Jin/Sun) Mar. 30
6.11 Happily Ever After (Desmond) Apr. 6
6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo (Hurley) Apr. 13
6.13 ?? Apr. 20
6.14 The Candidate Apr. 27
6.15 ?? May 4th
6.16 FINALE PT. 1 May 11th
6.17/6.18 ???? May 23rd

I'm really hoping that that May 23rd date does NOT change for the finale - my chances of being in Vegas for it are much greater on the 23rd :)

mb said...

Episode title update - ep. 13 is titled "The Last Recuit"

Stephanie said...

Is Ben going to die next week? I wonder if we can find out if Emerson has moved back to NYC from Hawaii.