Friday, May 15, 2009

KABLAMMO!!! Bye bye Season 5!


mb said...

Begin the final hiatus....

(before the permanent one)

mb said...

Well DAMN! I hope Terry O'Quinn is wrongSeems like a really shitty end to a pretty interesting character. Which is why, actually, I'd be willing to bet that they will do something more with the real Locke - like he becomes an apparition like Christian (though of course, now who knows what the Christian apparition is now).

I dunno

mb said...
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mb said...

Cuselof say we should expect the Dharma-Michigan connection to play a significant role as the show heads into next season, its sixth and final one.

Cool - I was wondering if that was all we were going to get out of the Dharma Initiative.

Rrb said...

Wow MB you are the spoiler man I read the Terry O'Quinn stuff not sure if I like that but hey I'm on the Splog And John Locke/OQuinn is a dumb ass for sayin Locke is dead O well Hay Sa Ra SA RA.
Awsome Stuff this year I look forward to hearing your stuff after the season. Always good for a laugh, and to see how far ahead things are found out:).
I got a question for you.
I'm not sure I want it anwsered so try to be 1/2 spoilerish?
The Jeon/Aaron older Scenes shot already?
I've been wondering if they would go that far into the future, Hell they went that far back write.
Thank you sir good stuff! Thanks for the work I don't listen to till it's 3 months gone bye. cheers sir.

Rrb said...

I WANT TO READ NEXT TOPIC Help Shaking clicking......THE X at the top of the screene

mb said...

Hey RRB!

Luckily for you I CAN'T get too spoilerish about the supposed Ji Yeon and Aaron scenes because there's only a little more than a rumor out there that it's going to happen or that anything's been shot. Basically there was an audition done (which you can read very LITTLE about HERE)

and then someone in Hawaii spotted two actors who they THOUGHT might be Aaron and Ji Yeon on set filming a scene (which you can read HERE)

who knows if these two things will add up to an appearance by Ji Yeon and Aaron. I personally think it would be very cool and would expand the scope of the show (it's timeframe) yet again.

mb said...

If you haven't read Holli's post/link on the SAS Blog about the "Black Swan Theory" that a blogger called Eye M Sick posted - then read it - it's awesome IMO. I am positive that many will take issue with it, but to me it makes most of the last 5 years make sense.


it completely jibes with the Ji Yeon + Aaron spoiler I was just talking about. Note that the scene they were supposedly filming with Aaron and Ji Yeon on the island was set in 2030 - and Eye M Sick's Black Swan theory claims that the world will end in 2031 unless "two new avatars [take Jacob and Darkman's] place" on the island - two people who and more unified but still represent yin and yang. Aaron and Ji Yeon in love fit the bill perfectly.

Now I have even less patience for S.6 to arrive - (sigh) :/

mb said...
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